Why I am a crafter

June 28, 2020
A photo of the WIP of the crochet beach dress

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Why I am a crafter

I’ve been prompted to think about why I am a crafter. Little did I know that this small question would bring upon such a big moment of self-awareness. Read on to know a little bit more about me and maybe this will also help you find a little bit more about you.

Why am I a crafter?

It’s Indie June atLoveCrafts.

LoveCrafts is a global community for makers. It was founded by people who wanted to create an online space for crafters to feel inspired, connected, and find every little thing we might need to create our projects.

Indie June is a month-long celebration of creative talents all around the world. And this year’s theme is about us. Each and every one of us makers. It’s about being proud of ourselves as crafters and as people. Being happy about our bodies, our minds, and the feeling that what we make is an expression of ourselves.

This year’s theme has prompted me to ask myself why I craft. What is it that makes it so difficult to resist a ball of yarn? Why do I have all these hooks and needles at home? Why do I have this notebook full of ideas for garments and accessories?

I craft because…

Picture of the sweater as a WIP with a skein of Katia Velour

It’s my honest getaway. The place where I am truest to myself. It’s where my mind finds its quiet place and I am not worried about what everyone else thinks. It’s the moment where I am most brave. The moment when I pick up a hook or needles and set out to make the most beautiful garment I am yet to wear.

But it’s not a clear or easy path. Oh no! Finding myself through so many insecurities is hard work. It’s the hardest work I’ve ever done. But it’s also the only moment where I feel that it is truly worth the effort. So all the ripped stitches, the unraveled rows, the frogged projects, all the time invested to get a design right. It’s worth it! Because in doing that I am finding myself. I am getting to know myself better and I am refining my sense of who I am.

And for a moment, I lose all sense of judgment. I am not judging how I look, I’m not judging how I express myself, I’m not judging how I feel. It’s just me at my rawest self and I cannot even think of anything. I’m just in awe of what I made and at the little more of me I got to know in the process.

Why I am a crafter!

So I am a crafter because it’s where I am me! 🙂

And everything I make is a little bit of me.

You can see me at my most daring, not judging my body shape, in the Crochet Breezy Dress.

My most persistent and resilient side, not judging my mistakes, is right there, in the Tunisian Raffia Bag Project.

Find me at my most joyful and pleased, astonished at my progress, in the Knit Cloud 9.

You’ll find me at my happiest, proudest of myself right here – on every page of this blog!

So now, I ask you,

Why are YOU a crafter?

I’d love to hear your story.

Let me know in the comments below.

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