Crochet Easy Ribbed Cardigan

    July 28, 2020
    Woman wearing the Crochet Easy Ribbed Cardigan in Bubblegum Pink

    Crochet Easy Ribbed Cardigan Feel at ease with the Crochet Easy Ribbed Cardigan, a collaboration between Fluffy Stitches and Underground Crafter! This comfortable layering piece is easy to make and great for everyday life. Available in sizes XS to 4X. Inspiration A couple of months ago, Marie from Underground Crafter and I got in contact about doing a collaboration. We agreed that I would do a guest post for her blog. I had never done a collaboration before so I got…

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  • Woman laughing while wearing the Knit Tulip Wrap Tank from Knitatude
    Product Review

    Knit Tulip Wrap Tank by Knitatude

    Knit Tulip Wrap Tank by Knitatude Channel all the summer feelings with the amazing knit Tulip Wrap Tank by Knitatude! Read all about this great design that I had the pleasure to test and…

    July 24, 2020
  • A photo of the WIP of the crochet beach dress

    Why I am a crafter

    Why I am a crafter I’ve been prompted to think about why I am a crafter. Little did I know that this small question would bring upon such a big moment of self-awareness. Read…

    June 28, 2020
  • The crochet waffle market bag on a white surface with greens and vegetables coming out

    Crochet Waffle Market Bag

    Crochet Waffle Market Bag Carry all your groceries with the crochet Waffle Market Bag! Made with an eco-friendly yarn, this crochet bag uses the waffle stitch for a sturdy base and an easy mesh…

    June 5, 2020
  • Susana of Fluffy Stitches wearing the Crochet Easy Moss Cowl in light grey and a black sweater against a white background.

    Crochet Easy Moss Cowl

    Crochet Easy Moss Cowl The Crochet Easy Moss Cowl is my token of appreciation to my crocheter readers. Using a couple of basic stitches, this cowl is worked up in just a couple of…

    May 23, 2020