Crochet Highlights Bag

March 24, 2021
The flap and strap of the Highlights Bag

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Crochet Highlights Bag

The Crochet Highlights Bag is the result of my first collaboration with Rosários 4!


Rosários 4 is a Portuguese brand that produces yarn. I especially like this brand for the fact that they strive to reduce its ecological footprint, something I value immensely. As an example, they have a yarn collection that privileges natural fibers and dyes of animal or vegetable origin. It’s the “Eco-friendly Collection“.

I have used their yarn in previous projects and I enjoyed it very much. So when an opportunity for a collaboration came, I jumped at it!

The crochet Highlights Bag against a white surface

For this collaboration, the concept was to design a spring accessory that would also embody our common values of being environmentally conscious in our work. Hence, I decided on a project to reduce wastefulness. I tried to find a good way to use the leftovers from other projects that we so often accumulate.

I looked at the leftovers I had and found some Damasco and Lisboa. As I put the two together, the idea for a cute little bag sprang to my mind. A small bag with enough space to carry your essentials, which at this point are usually your cellphone and keys. 🙂

And this was how the crochet Highlights Bag was born!


Since the goal of this bag is to help reduce waste, I looked at my leftovers from previous projects.

I still had some Damasco remains from the Waffle Market Bag. I also had some Lisboa yarn from the Eco-Friendly Fruit & Veggie Bag. The two colors together had a lot of potential, even with the different thicknesses. If I used the Damasco as the main color, the Lisboa would be perfect in highlighting the speckles of color in Damasco. And here was my perfect combo!

I used the Damasco yarn as my base. Then, I used the Lisboa to put the pieces together and at the same time make the strap. Don’t underestimate these yarns. They may look light, but they are both sturdy yarns, one made of linen and the other mercerized cotton. They both give this little bag the sturdiness needed to face the elements! 🙂

As for the bag itself, it’s two panels that use just a couple of basic crochet stitches. Then you’ll put the panels together using another basic crochet technique. The bag is one size only. However, the pattern tells you how to change the strap, according to how you like to wear your bags.

I’m very happy with the crochet Highlights Bag, and very proud to be sharing it as a free pattern through Rosários 4!

Thank you Rosários 4 for this opportunity!

The highlights bag with a cellphone halfway put into the bag.


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Crochet Highlights Bag

Go to Rosários 4 website for the FREE VERSION of this pattern!

A quick and cute little bag, the Crochet Highlights Bag is my first collaboration with Rosarios 4. Find out how to get the free pattern here! #ecofriendlybag #springcrochetbag

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