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Modern Crochet Book Review

April 14, 2020
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Modern Crochet Book Review

If you love easy, beautiful, modern and sophisticated crochet designs, read this Modern Crochet book review to find out why you need this book on your shelf!

What is this book about anyway?

There are many books about crochet. However, there aren’t many books that show crochet as an elegant and sophisticated craft and that is what Teresa Carter has done. Teresa is the founder and creator of Debrosse, a full-service knitwear brand. And once you see a Debrosse pattern your vision of knitwear, but especially crochet changes forever. Just take a look at The Tabasse blanket or the Diamond pillow pictured below, both patterns from Debrosse.

With stunning black and white aesthetic, Debrose’s designs have proven that crochet is not solely granny squares and white lace. Crochet is a present-day craft that can rock the contemporary look, and that is what this book is all about: modern, fashionable, minimalistic, amazing-gotta-make-it! crochet.

Is this book right for you?

Modern Crochet deserves a spot in your library, wherever you’re at in your crochet journey. And here is why.

You’re a beginner

Aside from all the aesthetic argument, I definitely recommend this book if you don’t know much or even anything about crochet.

You’ll find everything you need to start crocheting, from information on the tools to the language of crochet. Then, once you’ve read all about the basics, the book has the instructions to make all the gorgeous, modern-looking patterns included in the book.

Exclusive patterns in the book Modern Crochet
Photo from Debrosse

You may be thinking… “but that’s what any beginner book has”. Although that may be true, this book still manages to stand out. Why? Because of all the incredibly detailed photo tutorials. All stitches and techniques are photographed step by step. Not drawn or schemed, but carefully and clearly photographed which makes it so much easier to understand. The written instructions, together with the photo tutorials make any pattern in this book crystal clear, even if you never even heard the word “crochet” before.

You’re a seasoned crocheter

If you’re not interested in the basics of crochet, this book has something for you too.

The patterns may be easy to make, but they are still exquisite! And this book is a compilation of modern, sophisticated and practical items that you can’t resist. Moreover, there are little tips in these patterns that can really make a difference in the execution and final look of your work.

In-depth teaching in the book Modern Crochet
Photo from Debrosse

But there’s more…

There are small details around Modern Crochet that, as crafters, we just love! I’m talking of details such as the ruler inside the hardcover, crochet hook conversion charts (US sizes and metric sizes), abbreviations cheat sheet (always handy!) and let’s face it… It’s a good thing to have the instructions for the magic ring closeby. Just in case your mind draws a blank… 😉

What do you get from buying this book?

This book has all the basic information to get you started on crochet and gorgeous patterns to keep you going!

It starts with a chapter on all the fundamentals of this craft, namely yarn, tools and a spot-on chapter on how to read a pattern and a list of abbreviations! If you ever had difficulty reading a pattern, or you’re curious about pattern writing, these pages – complete with examples – will shed light on any doubt you may have.

Then, you get to dive into the patterns. Beautiful, exclusive patterns Teresa designed especially for this book. They’re mainly home decor patterns, but you’ll also get a couple of accessories in the mix. But do you think Teresa would just give you written instructions for the patterns?? 😉 All patterns have visual helpers, either in the form of photo tutorials or links to VIDEO tutorials!! Yep, that’s how awesome Teresa is.

Private access to online resource library with the book
Photo from Debrosse

Now, imagine the following. You saw a pattern in the book that you just have to make! However, it references a technique you’re not very familiar with, there’s not photo tutorial for that one and you don’t want to leave this book to search for that technique. Fret not. 🙂 The last chapter of the book is a compilation of basic stitches and techniques, where each one is explained and photographed step-by-step.

What this book has done for me

Modern Crochet has inspired me every time I opened it. The patterns and photography always dazzle me, and the black and white look just gets me every time. But it’s not just about the beauty of its images. The techniques included in the patterns and in the final chapter include details that have allowed me to refine my own designs.

Exclusive potholder pattern from the book Modern Crochet

Now, I know I’m no Teresa Carter, but the Tunisian Raffia Bag Project is my expression of the influences from this book. The obvious one is in the color choice, but also in its clean lines and “city-chic” look. Moreover, I also used a technique with a detail from one of her patterns which also improved the finishing and the quality of the bag. 🙂 Even if I did have an idea, it was this book that helped me turn it into a reality and I could not be happier with the result.

Model wearing the finished Tunisian raffia Bag Project on her shoulder

So “Modern Crochet” book review conclusion… Should YOU get it?

I’ve said it above, and I’ll say it again, this is a must-have!

If you’re a beginner, this book is perfect for you! It has all the basic information to get you started, and it has a lot of visual helpers! You can find them both inside the book – in the form of photo tutorials of the stitches, techniques, and patterns – and outside the book – with access to an exclusive online resource library!

If you’ve been crocheting for a while, the book includes expert tips that will make any project stand out! Aside from that, this book compiles so many useful references that you wonder why it took so long to have them all in just one place.

Finally, beginner or seasoned crochet, just the beautiful aesthetic and exclusive patterns are absolutely worth it!

Get Modern Crochet here!

If you love easy, beautiful, modern and sophisticated crochet designs, read this Modern Crochet book review to see why you need to have it on your shelf!

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