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Crochet Promenade Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts

March 31, 2020
The Crochet Promenade Shawl designed by TL Yarn Crafts and made by Fluffy Stitches

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Crochet Promenade Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts

Let your hooks be swept away by the Crochet Promenade Shawl, a romantic, delicate and dreamy shawl designed by crochet designer genius, Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts.


Last February, Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts started a one-month CAL where you could pick any pattern of hers and make it! Every week of the CAL there would be a giveaway, so how could anyone resist such an event?

The Designer

I discovered Toni last year on a BHooked podcast. I wanted to learn something new and when I heard her talk about Tunisian crochet, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

Toni is a great storyteller. You can listen to her talk for hours and you can tell that she really knows her craft. It was Toni’s video tutorials that started me off on Tunisian Crochet and after watching just the first video, I was able to make my Tunisian Raffia Tote.

So, yeah… Big fan here!!

Cover image for the Tunisian raffia Tote

Asides from her almost infinite knowledge of Tunisian Crochet she is also a brilliant crochet designer.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a project of hers that I didn’t like. Just take the Sedona Sweater (pictured on the left) or the Garden Party Shawl (on the right), both designed by Toni.

The Pattern

Toni’s designs are usually very colorful and playful, but it was actually a different type of pattern that caught my eye. And that pattern was the Promenade Shawl.

The Promenade Shawl designed by TL Yarn Crafts
Photo from TL Yarn Crafts

The Promenade Shawl was part of a special collection called the Idle Wanderer, curated by The Yarn Collective.

As for the shawl itself, in Toni’s words:

The Promenade Shawl was designed to add a touch of delicate whimsy to the everyday. (…) I really enjoyed pushing myself out of my design comfort zone for this pattern. Usually, my designs are very audacious and literal, but the Promenade Shawl evokes a different emotion – it is much more subdued and puts me in the mindset of a proper little lady.

A romantic, delicate shawl, perfect for special occasions. It may not be the usual Toni Lipsey pattern, but to me, the boldness of this design is what makes it stand out.

The Crochet Promenade Shawl open


I got my pattern from LoveCrafts and started my search for yarn.

The yarn suggested for this pattern is a luxurious 100% Merino Wool, 4 ply fingering weight yarn from The Yarn Collective’s catalog. I felt very tempted to order it, but unfortunately, the colors I wanted to use were out of stock and I wanted to finish the project before the CAL’s deadline.

I decided on Schachenmayer’s Regia Premium Silk 4-ply, a high-quality blend of merino wool and silk. And let me tell you… it did not disappoint! It is so soft and light that you can see right away what a wonderful shawl it’s going to make. I used a white and dark blue combination, close to the original pattern.

A skein of Schachenmayr Regia Premium Silk


Go to this TL Yarn Crafts blog post for more information on where to buy the pattern.

Crochet Promenade Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts

The pattern is written in UK terms. I had never worked with UK terms before and it took me a little bit to be able to read the pattern without mixing UK and US terms, but in the end, it is all crochet. 🙂

It is divided into several sections, which together with the pictures is very useful to figure out where you are in the shawl. However, there are several repetitions of rows, so I would recommend keeping close track of your rows so you don’t get lost inside a section.

The Promenade Shawl on the shoulders of a woman

The pattern includes a small number of stitches and straightforward techniques, which are used in such a harmonious way that you barely notice the complexity of the design. Meaning that, even though the pattern is classified as advanced, I’d risk saying a brave advanced beginner, that is comfortable reading patterns, could tackle it. The trickiest part of the pattern is the border, but even that, after a couple of repetitions becomes clear and starts flowing off your hook.

Final thoughts on the Promenade Shawl

It’s true that you don’t see Toni right away when you look at this shawl. Maybe that’s why this pattern seems to have gone a bit unnoticed. However, my hooks were completely swept away by it. The delicacy of the design made me fall head over heels and the result is absolutely stunning.

The Promenade Shawl wrapped around the shoulders of a woman

The pattern makes use of your common crochet stitches, but the singular way in which they are put together, results in a perfectly balanced shawl and that is where you find Toni’s signature.

I definitely recommend this pattern if you are looking for a stunning piece to elevate your outfits!

Get it here!

And speaking of shawls…

Toni is hosting another CAL this April! 😀

Badge for the Loveland Shawl CAL

It’s the Loveland CAL, where you’ll be making the Loveland Shawl, a triangular Tunisian crochet wrap. This CAL also features yarn kits from the talented indie dyer Nicole from Hue Loco.

Check Toni’s blog post for all the details!

I’ll be making mine. Will you join us? 😉

Let your hooks be swept away by the Crochet Promenade Shawl, a romantic, delicate and dreamy shawl designed by Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts.

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