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Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts

April 30, 2020
The Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl worn around the neck

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Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts

The CAL may be over, but this shawl is forever! Read about the Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl, a triangular wrap designed by the queen of Tunisian Crochet, Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts.


I’ve been on a shawl mood lately. And to be honest, I think it started with the Make It CAL 2020 hosted by Toni Lipsey from TL Yarn Crafts. For that CAL, I did the Promenade Shawl, which I’m still in love with – read all about this love affair here!

I’m also a bit – just a bit – obsessed about all of Toni’s patterns, so I did what every crocheter would do – I applied to be a tester for her! And it seems the odds were in my favor because just a couple days later, I received an email to apply for testing a shawl pattern! 😀 Talk about serendipity!

This design was the Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl for the Loveland CAL!

Badge for the Loveland Shawl CAL

The Loveland CAL

The Loveland CAL came from a partnership between Toni and Nicole of Hue Loco.

While Toni provided the design, Nicole hand-dyed exclusive kits. These kits were in Hue Loco’s classic Merino DK with shades from her Fall Palette 2019. These exclusive kits would be available for purchase in time for the CAL. When the pre-order opened, I got myself the “Velvet & We’ve Got the Beets” kit. 🙂

Color Option 2 for the exclusive kits from Hue Loco for the Loveland Shawl
Photo from Hue Loco

The CAL went on during April 2020 with weekly objectives.

The pattern

So, my goal was to test the pattern for the CAL. And what a pattern!

I had done some Tunisian Crochet before, but the Loveland Shawl had a completely new set of stitches for me to learn. As Toni describes it:

The shawl begins with a solid section of rhythmic Tunisian knit stitch, then stripes are introduced. Following that is a take on crochet mesh, and the whole thing is finished off with a subtly textured Tunisian purl stitch edge. 

Detail of the spine of the Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl


Once I got the pattern – which you can now get from Toni’s shop – I immediately looked at the yarn required.

The pattern calls for a DK weight, 100% superwash merino wool. Remember that at the time of the test the kits from Hue Loco were not yet available. Therefore, I had to go yarn hunting.

Now, this part terrified me! I’m not great at choosing colors for a design that’s not mine. If I have to make something designed by another designer, I usually just end up using the same colors, because my mind just gets in a complete knot. And that happened here… After a lot, lot, lot of indecision (and help from a maker friend 😉 ), I went with a contrasting mix of two solid colors from the Empire 8-ply collection from Morris & Sons.

Two skeins of Empire 8ply from Morris and Sons one in Seascape Twist and the other Midnight Blue

I used their Seascape Twist, a grey yarn with light blue speckles and Midnight Blue, a really strong deep blue. This 100% Australian Merino yarn is truly squishy and soft and drapes perfectly in Tunisian Crochet!


Go to this TL Yarn Crafts blog post for more information on where to buy the pattern.

Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl by TL Yarn Crafts

As with most of Toni’s shawls pattern, this one has a few different sections, each one with either a different stitch or colorwork. However, since all the sections are based on the same row repeat, the shawl becomes very easy to make. So once you do the initial setup of stitches, you’ll find that it will just fly off your hook!

The Loveland Shawl against a white surface

The Loveland Shawl has a set of stitches that are easy enough to learn. The only one that may be a little more demanding is the Tunisian purl stitch, but don’t let that stop you. It’s just a matter of finding your own flow.

If you’re still on the fence about this shawl because it’s made in Tunisian Crochet, don’t be. Let me assure you that Toni has taken care of everything. The pattern includes a complete video tutorial, so whether you’re new to Tunisian Crochet or just need a quick refresh on a couple of techniques, you’ll have all the resources available. And that includes a tutorial on blocking any project!

Final thoughts on the Loveland Shawl

The Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl is proof that Toni Lipsey is both a shawl and Tunisian Crochet genius! You can see her signature all over it, both in the mixed textures and brilliant use of tones.

At the time of the test, the kits from Hue Loco were still in the making, so I ended up choosing solid colors for mine. This option highlights the color change, which is masterfully achieved with the use of stripes.

Detail of the mesh section of the Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl

I love the color combo I used, but I still ordered myself a Hue Loco kit. Using hand-dyed yarn, with all its subtleties, will also make a beautiful color effect that I just have to try!

The fact that this shawl is done in Tunisian Crochet is such a wonder. You’d think that this sort of texture could only be achieved by knitting. However, the stitches used in this shawl and how they’re used show that Tunisian Crochet is just as fascinating.

Furthermore, because it’s made in Tunisian Crochet, you could think that the Loveland Shawl is too bulky, but Toni knows her craft. The shawl is dense but the weight of the yarn makes it light on your shoulders and super soft on your skin.

I really recommend this pattern as your new Tunisian Crochet statement piece!

Get it here!

The CAL may be over, but this shawl is forever! Read about the Tunisian Crochet Loveland Shawl, a triangular wrap designed by TL Yarn Crafts.

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