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Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set Review

March 10, 2020
Tunisian Crochet hook set on a white surface

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Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set Review

Whether you’re starting out with Tunisian Crochet or you’re on the lookout for hooks, read this Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set review and find out why this set has got everything you need!

What are these hooks for again?

If you came across my blog, then you probably have heard about crochet. But have you heard about its cousin, Tunisian Crochet? 🙂

Tunisian crochet is a distinct form of crochet. Some people say it’s a mix between crochet and knit, but honestly, I think Tunisian crochet is its own craft.

Cover image for the Tunisian raffia Tote

OK, so what is Tunisian Crochet?

In Tunisian Crochet, you work with a hook, just as in crochet. You just use one and it’s got the same hook head. You also start with a chain, as in most crochet project projects. And then, it goes its own way.

In Tunisian Crochet, when you work a stitch, you don’t “close” it right away, as it is in traditional crochet. First, you pick up all your stitches, and they stay in the crochet hook. This part is somewhat similar to knit, in the sense that you have the “live” stitches (the ones you’re working) in your hook or needle. But again, in knit, when you make one stitch, you “finish” it. In Tunisian Crochet, you will pull up all the stitches you need to work, and only when you get to the end of the row, you start closing them.

So, to make a Tunisian row, you need to go all the way to the end of the row – called the forward pass – and then go back all the way to the beginning of the row to close your stitches – the return pass. The fact that you need to make the two passes to complete a row leads to one of the most distinctive characteristics of Tunisian Crochet: whatever stitch you use, the fabric will always be thicker than normal crochet or knit fabric.

It has its own stitches?

It’s not just the way its made, Tunisian Crochet has its own stitches too. The one I’m most familiar with is the Tunisian Simple Stitch, which I used in my Tunisian Raffia Tote and in my Christmas Table Set. Most recently I used the Tunisian Knit Stitch which imitates the stockinette stitch!!

What else do I need to know?

It’s different from crochet, it has its own stitches and the fabric is thicker. There are just a couple more things you should know before starting a Tunisian Crochet project.

Do you know how some crochet stitches tend to lean? This is especially noticeable when you work in the round. Well, in Tunisian Crochet, the fabric rolls. Because of the way it is worked, the fabric tends to roll on itself. It’s just how it is.

One of the tricks to reduce the rolling is to go up a size in your hook. It will make the stitches looser and therefore less prone to roll. However, keep in mind that even if you reduce the rolling, you won’t eliminate it. If you’re working Tunisian, you’re gonna need to block it. But hey, blocking holds no more secrets after this post here! 🙂

Do I really need a Tunisian Crochet hook?

You can make Tunisian Crochet with a crochet hook, as long as its grip is the same size as the head. If it’s a different material or it has any kind of shape, then either the stitches won’t flow or they’ll be distorted by the hook’s shape. However, the normal crochet hooks will only get you so far. You can make projects as big as the number of stitches that you can hold in your needle. So, if it is a project that uses a small number of stitches per row, then a normal crochet hook works just fine.

But if you’re learning Tunisian, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to need a Tunisian hook sooner rather than later. 😉

The Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set in review with its contents on a white surface

What’s with the interchangeable thing?

When you buy a Tunisian crochet hook you can either buy a long one, like a knitting needle or a short one with a cable, an interchangeable hook. Now, I am all for interchangeable.

“Why interchangeable?”, you ask. Because it gives you the freedom to try any project you want without having to worry if your hook is long enough to hold your stitches. For example, if you want to make a blanket, even a baby blanket, there aren’t Tunisian hooks big enough to accommodate all the stitches. And even if you find a really long hook, the stitches at the end will start weighting it down that it will impact your crochet. So save yourself all this trouble and go for interchangeable hooks. This way, you can mix and match cords to be as long or short as you need!

The cord on an interchangeable Tunisian Crochet hook

And why do I need a hook set?

Have you ever found a project that you really wanted to try out, ran to your stash, found a great yarn, only to realize that you don’t have the right hook size? This is one of the most frustrating feelings ever! So don’t risk curbing your enthusiasm. It’s best to have a set of hooks and not worry about sizes.

Moreover, having more sizes allows you to experiment and do something about the rolling if you find that a certain hook size is just not doing the trick.

The biggest and smallest hook from the Symfonie set from Knit Pro

What do you get from buying the Knit Pro Symfonie Set?

Now that I’ve told you all that you need to know before buying your Tunisian Hooks let me tell you about the Symfonie Set from Knit Pro.

I bought this set when I was starting out in Tunisian Crochet. Includes 8 Tunisian crochet hooks going from 3.50 mm up to 8.00 mm. The hooks are made of wood, however, you don’t feel any kind of roughness when you use them. They are super smooth and the yarn just glides. Even in the connection between hook and cord, the yarn never snags!

One thing I was worried about was the head of the hook. If it’s blunt you’ll have a hard time getting into tight stitches. It also can’t be too sharp or it will split the yarn. It has to be the right mix. And these have just the right head shape! As if this wasn’t enough, they’re comfortable to use and lovely to look at!

I have found one thing about them that I wished was different. The sizes on the hook are printed, so with use, they wear off. After making two raffia bags, my 5.00 mm hook doesn’t have any marking left. It’s a pity they are not engraved. It’s the only thing I would change. Might just have to start engraving them myself. 😀

The set is great, but it’s not just about the hooks. It’s also about the other accessories. The hooks come in a plastic bag, with individual compartments (which you can label with the size). It also comes with 3 cords of different sizes, a key, and stoppers. It has everything you need for you to get you Tunisian Crochet going. All this, at an affordable price!

The contents of the Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set in review

What this hook set has done for me

As I said, this was the hook set I bought when I started out with Tunisian Crochet. At the time, I debated whether to buy something cheaper and see how things went from there. I’m so happy I didn’t! Investing just a little bit more in a set that is both beautiful and comfortable has certainly contributed to a great Tunisian crochet experience.

The range of sizes has been more than enough for me to be able to work on several projects and experiment with different materials. The cords from the set have all been used and proven their worth. Asides from using them for my Tunisian crochet, they have also served as back-up when I couldn’t find the cords for my knitting needles. And the transparent case helps me keep everything nice and tidy.

So “Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set” review conclusion… Should YOU get it?

To make this easy, if you’re interested in Tunisian Crochet, then this set is great!

If you have just started out discovering Tunisian Crochet, getting this set will give you all the tools you need to practice! From smaller hooks to bigger hooks, you get everything you need to dive into this craft. And the best part is that, for such a complete set, it is quite affordable. So you can give Tunisian a try without having to make a huge investment from the start. And if Tunisian’s not your game, you still get a beautiful set of hooks that you can use for regular crochet.

If you’re already familiar with Tunisian Crochet, this set is a great addition to your crafting tools! It is not too expensive and you get a great range of hooks asides from the various cords that come with it! Furthermore, if you like your hooks to match – like I do – and find that you need a specific size that doesn’t come in the set (such as an 8.50 mm hook), you can get more sizes from the same collection! And finally… If you also happen to knit and use Knit Pro’s interchangeable needles, you’ll be happy to know that the cords and stoppers are exactly the same size! 😉

I bought the Knit Pro Symfonie Set when I discovered Tunisian Crochet and I still have not used anything else. I even expanded the collection with more sizes that I bought individually. Yes, the size on the hook wears off, but taking into account the comfort when working, the look of the set, the practicality of its accessories and how much I paid for them, these are all that’s needed to make great Tunisian Crochet!

Buy the Knit Pro Symfonie Tunisian Hook Set here!

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