Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Twelve by jellyKNITTING

June 18, 2020
Traveling Knit Afghan - Square Twelve designed by jellyKNITTING and made by Fluffy Stitches

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Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Twelve by jellyKNITTING

Square Twelve of the Traveling Knit Afghan is here and with it we reach the middle of this year-long KAL!

After finishing its tour around California with Gorilla Knits, our Traveling Knit Afghan is now in Nevada, reaching the halfway point of its itinerary. Find out all about the start of this journey in this post here.


The twelfth square of our amazing afghan is designed by Chenoa Wilcox of jellyKNITTING.

Chenoa is an incredible maker who decided to break the mold! After seeing too many patterns that did not consider the infinite variety of body types, she decided she would make them herself. Therefore, her designs are all about making you feel beautiful and awesome in your projects and in your own skin! 🙂

In her post, she shares a bit of her story with yarn. It’s funny she mentions she was always drawn to complex-looking patterns that intimidated her. And I can really relate to that! I too love intricate patterns that I can’t yet make (note the keyword “yet”).

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop her from creating designs that still have that complex look. However, she found out how to make them, with considerably less effort. And that is where her genius lies.

Read her blog post to find out all about it!

The twelfth square of the Traveling Knit Afghan by jellyKnitting
Photo from jellyKNITTING


I’m finishing the first half of my afghan with the Cream of the Norway 10 ply yarn from Morris & Sons.

Moreover, I’m a loose knitter, so even though this pattern creates a slightly denser fabric than stockinette stitch, I stayed true to my 4.0 mm knitting needles.

Finally, blocking is a must in this project, so I keep giving good use to my blocking mats.

I’m really loving seeing them all together! 😀

Square Twelve and its neighboring squares


All the materials and other information needed for the pattern are listed in jellyKNITTING’s blog post.

Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Twelve by jellyKNITTING

Here is the pattern for Square Twelve of the Traveling Knit Afghan.

Just as Chenoa intended, the pattern for this square is a combination of the basic stitches of knitting that result in an amazing textured look.

This pattern is the Double Seed Stitch. Similarly to the Nubbly Teed Stitch in Square Ten or the Dot Stitch in Square Five, you’ll achieve this awesome texture with just knits and purls. With a simple 4-row repeat of rightly placed stitches, you will make this square easily. 😉

Be mindful of your gauge, and your square will be ready to block in no time! As usual, I’ve wet blocked mine to straighten up hose edges. If you want to know more about blocking, then read this post here.

Square Twelve blocking on one Red Suricata Blocking Mat

Final thoughts on Square Twelve

Chenoa is a true queen of textures.

Her designs have such a variety of stitches that combine perfectly together that anything she designs just makes you go WOW! And the best part is that while they may look complex, she has made sure that you can make them because she is all about relax-knitting.

Looking back at my designs, I see that I sometimes complicate things, because I want them to look intricate and intriguing and beautiful. However, this square reminds me that there is a lot of value in keeping things simple. They can be just as amazing as their complicated counterparts, without all the crazy effort. 🙂

So let’s keep it simple and I’ll see you in the next square!

Square Twelve of the Traveling Knit Afghan marks the middle of this year-long KAL! Find out all the secrets behind this textured square in this blog post! #travelingknitafghan #travelingafghansproject

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