Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Five by All About Ami

March 17, 2020
Traveling Knit Afghan - Square Five designed by All About Ami and made by Fluffy Stitches

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Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Five by All About Ami

Square Five of the Traveling Knit Afghan, designed by All About Ami is out and the afghan is already on its way to the next designer!

After a little delay in getting to Canada, the traveling knit afghan is doing a little tour in Alberta. If you missed the Nova Scotia stop, just go to this post here. However, if you want to see how this journey started, then read this post.


The fifth square of the knit afghan is designed by Stephanie Lau of All About Ami.

Stephanie is known for her crochet amigurumi. Her blog actually started as a journal to register all the projects that she worked on. This was how I discovered her a few years ago and to this day I am constantly amazed by the things she does.

Primrose Dolls from All About Ami
Photo from All About Ami

In addition to being an amazingly talented crocheter, she is also quite the knitter. She designs knit wearables and is an expert in creating beautiful textures out of the simplest stitches.

I admire her work very much. She has the ability to design stunning garments, that are so easy to make that any beginner can knit a cardigan on their first try. And that is a true skill! It’s like she takes out everything that is non-essential and uses just the essence. The end result is a gorgeous garment, with fantastic drape using only the simplest stitches and techniques.

Her square is a fine example of that skill. It features the “dot stitch“, a pattern of staggered purl stitches among knit stitches. An exquisite texture with a delicate look made out of the basic stitches!

After this square, head over to her blog and see all the amazing things you can with this stitch! 😉

The fifth square of the Traveling Knit Afghan by All About Ami
Photo from All About Ami


For this square, I used my Cream Norway 10 ply yarn from Morris & Sons. I used it before in the second and fourth square. I’m using it again to get a sort of chess-like look to my afghan.

Furthermore, I used my 4.00 mm knitting needles and everything worked out as expected. The pattern is straightforward and there are no special tricks, so it truly flies out of your needles.

The five squares of the Traveling Knit Afghan so far


All the materials and other information needed for the pattern are listed in All About Ami blog post.

Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Five by All About Ami

Here is the pattern for Square Five of the Traveling Knit Afghan.

The pattern is a very easy one, made bottom-up with just knits and purls. The only thing that comes a bit out of the ordinary is a technique that Stephanie includes in the pattern to make beautiful and clean chain edges. But the best part is that it doesn’t involve any other stitch other than a knit stitch to make these!

The pattern for the square has written instructions, which are very simple. Nevertheless, for those that prefer something more visual, there is also a short video explaining the technique for the pattern and the edges.

Once you finish and as with the previous squares, you should block it. Stephanie uses the steam blocking method and shares her own recommendations on the materials that she uses. I used the wet blocking method with my blocking mats as usual and everything turned out just perfect. 🙂 Read more about blocking and my blocking mats here.

Square Five of the Traveling Knit Afghan being blocked on top of one Red Suricata Blocking Mat

Final thoughts on Square Five

A basic pattern with a beautiful outcome!

There are no secrets to this pattern, but the result is a gorgeous and delicate square. It just proves that there is bliss in simple things and this pattern shows precisely that.

Enjoy the simple things and I’ll see you in the next square!

Square Five of the Traveling Knit Afghan, designed by All About Ami is here. A beautiful and delicate design achieved with simplicity. Come and see it! #travelingknitafghan #travelingafghansproject

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