Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Fourteen by Mama in a Stitch

July 10, 2020
Traveling Knit Afghan - Square Fourteen designed by Mama in a Stitch and made by Fluffy Stitches

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Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Fourteen by Mama in a Stitch

Square Fourteen of the Traveling Knit Afghan is here and it’s so “mesh-y”!

After stopping in Utah with Evelyn & Peter, the Traveling Knit Afghan has arrived in Colorado. Find out how this journey started in this post here.


The fourteenth square of our afghan was designed by Jessica Potasz of Mama in a Stitch.

Unlike previous designers, I did know Jessica from before!! When I started rediscovering crochet, Jessica’s blog was one of the first that I found and it was one that I came back to recurringly. I loved (and I still do) how she makes these beautiful designs out of super simple stitches and patterns. The way she mixes textures to achieve garments and decoration items that you cannot resist making yourself! I mean, don’t you just need this crochet blanket in your life?? 😀

The Mexican Serape Blanket Crochet Pattern from Mama in a Stitch
Photo from Mama in a Stitch

And she became such a reference that when I started adventuring in knitting, she was the one I trusted to teach me! It was one of her patterns that I decided to try making on my own. And it was such a success, that to this day I still cherish immensely that Easy Triangle Wrap! You can read more about it in this post here.

So when Jessica said that knitting and crochet is a way to connect, I can attest to that! Since discovering her blog, I am a recurring visitor because I do feel a connection. And this connection comes from the way she patiently explains her patterns, both in her posts and videos. It also comes from seeing that even though she is crazy talented, she stays humble and caring to all her followers!

So head over to her blog, look at all the gorgeous patterns she has published and get to know this amazingly talented designer and wonderful person!

The fourteenth square of the Traveling Knit Afghan by Mama in a Stitch
Photo by Mama in a Stitch


To make sure I stay in pattern, I made this square in the Beige color of the Norway 10 ply yarn from Morris & Sons.

I am a loose knitter, but I wanted the mesh to look really airy, so I actually went up a size on my needles and used 4.5 mm knitting needles for this square.

To make it picture perfect, I blocked it on blocking mats.

I’m really loving how this afghan is turning out!!

The fourteen squares of the Traveling Knit Afghan so far


All the materials and other information needed for the pattern are listed in Mama in a Stitch’s blog post.

Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Fourteen by Mama in a Stitch

Here is the pattern for Square Fourteen of the Traveling Knit Afghan.

The square is a simple mesh pattern achieved by a mix of knit stitches, yarn overs and decreases over a 4 row repeat.

There is nothing too challenging about this pattern. However, be mindful of how you do the yarn overs. I didn’t realize this at first, but I was doing the yarn overs wrong, by wrapping the yarn in the wrong direction. This made my mesh not really a mesh. The stitches were closed because there was a strand (from the yarn over) crossing the place where there should be a hole. It took me a while to figure it out. I thought it was a row gauge problem, but no. It was really the yarn overs.

Once again, mind your gauge, because for this square you’ll cast on fewer stitches than usual. This is expected due to the nature of the mesh, so even if you feel tempted to do more stitches… Swatch instead! 😉

With the yarn overs figured out, my square was now ready to block on the blocking mat. If you want, you can read more about blocking in this post here.

Square Fourteen blocking on one Red Suricata Blocking Mat

Final thoughts on Square Fourteen

Jessica is a fan of meshes and this square is a perfect expression of that.

It is easy to make like all her patterns. And making another one of her patterns took me back to the nights when I watched her videos intently to learn how to knit. I remember enjoying it so much, because I really felt like she was supporting me and cheering me on. And when I did get it right, the feeling of achievement was amazing and I still feel like I have her to thank for that!

So thank you, Jessica!

See you in the next square.

Square Fourteen of the Traveling Knit Afghan is designed by Jessica from Mama ins a Stitch is here and it's so "mesh-y"! Read this post to find out more! #travelingknitafghan #travelingafghansproject #mylifeinyarn

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