Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Fifteen by Yarn Hook Needles

August 7, 2020
Traveling Knit Afghan - Square Fifteen designed by Yarn Hook Needles and made by Fluffy Stitches

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Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Fifteen by Yarn Hook Needles

Square Fifteen of the Traveling Knit Afghan is out and it’s got a new stitch pattern for us!

After a quick stop in Colorado with Mama in a Stitch, the Traveling Knit Afghan will be taking its time in Kansas. Read about the knit afghan’s journey in this post here.


The fifteenth square of our afghan was designed by Jerica Tompkins of Yarn Hook Needles.

Jerica is a woman of a thousand crafts. Literally! 🙂 She crochets, she knits, she paints, she repurposes, … unstoppable! And she loves to share all her projects using video tutorials so you’ll get to know her by watching her amazing and super detailed tutorials.

Take a look at her blog, and see for yourself all the great patterns and ideas she has to share!

The fifteenth square of the Traveling Knit Afghan by Yarn Hook Needles


Keeping up with my checkers pattern, I made this square in Cream Norway 10 ply yarn from from Morris & Sons.

When it comes to these patterns with a lot of texture, I tend to prefer going up a size on my needles, so I used 4.5 mm knitting needles for this square.

Since things were looking crisp and perfect, as Jerica said, I blocked the square using my trusted blocking mats.

What a perfect mix of textures!

Square fifteen and its neighboring squares


All the materials and other information needed for the pattern are listed in Yarn Hook Needle’s blog post.

Traveling Knit Afghan – Square Fifteen by Yarn Hook Needles

Here is the pattern for Square Fifteen of the Traveling Knit Afghan.

This squares features a textured stitch, called the Trellis stitch. At first glance, this stitch looks complex, but in truth, you just need to know how to knit, purl, and slip stitches! How awesome is that? 😀 However, it does have a little quirk. You need to knit stitches that are a couple of rows below the one you’re working on. Again, this sounds horribly difficult, but the reality is that it is quite simple.

It is all detailed in the written instructions, but if you have any doubt or feel insecure about those knits, there’s also a step by step video. Or shall I say, stitch by stitch! And in the video, you can see how the little quirk is actually perfectly doable even for a beginner.

So with the instructions and the video, you’ll be done with this square in no time. Don’t forget to block it to give those edges a nice, clean look! Read more about how to block in this blog post here!

Square Fifteen blocking on one Red Suricata Blocking Mat

Final thoughts on Square Fifteen

I really enjoyed making this square!

I didn’t know the Trellis stitch and Jerica taught me something new with her square. And that is one of the things I enjoy the most about this project: that every square is an opportunity to learn something new!

I hope you’re enjoying following along this project and I’ll see you in the next square!

Square Fifteen of the Traveling Knit Afghan is designed by Yarn Hook Needles and it features a new stitch! Read this post to find out more! #travelingknitafghan #travelingafghansproject #mylifeinyarn

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