Foundation Puff Stitches – Jasmine Stitch Series

July 5, 2019
Cover image for the Part 3 of the Jasmine Stitch Series

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Let’s get to making the foundation of all your jasmine stitch projects, the foundation puff stitches!!

In the last post, I’ve shown you how to make a puff stitch. Now it’s time to learn how to keep going to make your foundation stitches.

What changes?

After the first stitch, the only thing that changes is where you will insert your hook to pull up the loops for the new stitch. So, from here on you will always insert your hook into the stitch that holds the 5 loops of the previous puff stitch together. 

It’s easier if I show you. 😉

Where to insert hook when making foundation puff stitches

Foundation Puff Stitches

Here is the video tutorial for the Foundation Puff Stitches. Please note that the video is in Portuguese.

Once you have your first puff stitch, the rest will follow easily. Here is what you can expect after a couple of stitches.

A chain of foundation puff stitches

The explanation below, assumes you have made your first puff stitch already.

Once again, don’t forget that for this and the other tutorials I will use the following abbreviations (US terms):

  • ch: chain
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • yo: yarn over

Step 1 – All hoops on hook again

* Lengthen your loop (1 loop on hook). Yo (2 loops on hook). Insert hook into st that holds the 5 loops of the previous stitch together. Pull up a loop and lengthen it (3 loops on hook). Yo (4 loops on hook). Insert hook into st, pull up a loop and lengthen it (5 loops on hook).

Step 1 on how to make foundation puff stitches

Step 2 – Close stitch and keep going

Yo once again and pinch the yarn that forms the back loop of your yo. Without letting go of the yarn, pull through all loops (1 loop on hook). Insert your hook under the yarn you are pinching and pull up a loop (2 loops on hook). Yo and pull through both loops to close the st. Ch 1 to tighten it. Repeat from * until the number of foundation puff stitches have been made.

Step 2 on how to make foundation puff stitches

 Your foundation puff stitches

Hoo-ray!! 🙂 You have now completed your foundation puff stitches!

Your project is on a roll, so let’s see how to keep working by making 3-Puff Clusters!

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