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  • Cover image of the Knit Winter Nights Set

    Knit Winter Nights Set

    Knit Winter Nights Set Have I told you I love scarves? I really do! Also, I have been practicing my knit stitches. 😉 As a result, here is my latest knit pattern: the Winter…

    November 12, 2018
  • Cover image of the Knit Upcycled Denim Top designed by Susana from Fluffy Stitches

    Knit Upcycled Denim Top

    Knit Upcycled Denim Top Oh, summer… Before the high temperatures go away (which should happen mid-October here in Portugal) I have one knit pattern to share with you! Watch out for the Knit Upcycled Denim…

    September 9, 2018