The (Almost) Crochet Parker Baby Set by Sewrella

December 13, 2018
The crochet Parker baby set with hat and booties

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Have you ever tried to follow a pattern and then get a bit sidetracked? Starting something then ending up with another slightly different than planned? (The Sweet Knit Sweater was just another example…) Well, that happened to me when I was making this Crochet Parker Baby Set. This was when I started realizing that maybe following patterns was not meant for me… Here is the story of the Crochet Parker Baby Set by Sewrella.


Before I had the guts to try designing my own pieces, I followed patterns. There are so many wonderful designs available! And so many designers giving them for free. You can just choose one of your likings and start doing it. It’s great! So one day, when my mom asked me to do something for a newborn baby, I turned to my favorite designers.

Have you seen Sewrella’s work? If you haven’t, go check it here! She has the cutest designs for everything! Home, women, babies, … I don’t think that there’s anything she can’t do. And she had just the perfect baby patterns for a gift. I decided on the Crochet Parker Newborn Hat and the Crochet Parker Baby Booties to match as you can see below.

The crochet Parker baby set by Sewrella

The patterns are very easy! Everything is clear and plus, both have video instructions so you can just crochet along in case of doubt. All I needed to start was the yarn! 🙂

The Project

Now, about the yarn… I have a problem. A stash problem to be more specific… I didn’t have the right yarn. Or at least one with the right weight. But was that gonna stop me? Never!! I read in a comment somewhere that you could use 2 strands of yarn together to simulate the weight. So I got myself 2 strands of an all “cottony” yarn and started with the hat. It worked up quick, nice and the end result was lovely! The trick worked and I had myself the first half of the set.

Now, on to the booties! One of the suggestions on the page is to use a different color for the sole or the cuffs. I had some white leftovers I could use for the sole. These were going to look great!

I was more than halfway on the cuff of the first bootie and something was off… It did not feel right. I mean literally. It was stiff! There was no way this bootie could be worn. It was just impossible to put the foot in! 🙁 I undid the bootie and redid it, this time with a larger hook so that the stitches were a bit looser and this definitely helped.

But the cuff was just not going to work. To try and save this, I stopped right there. And now, instead of a cute baby bootie, I had a baby slipper! 😀 Why not? Babies need something to put on their feet at home too. So I finished it off with a white border. But now… the booties didn’t match the hat. Oh well, I guess I just have to add the same border to the hat! (Only quite sometime later did I notice that Swerella had already suggested that in her video… )

And this is how I made the Almost Parker Baby Set with Hat and Booties by Sewrella. 🙂


All the materials and other information needed for the patterns are listed in Sewrella’s blog posts (do follow her instructions).

Crochet Baby Hat

Here is the pattern for the Parker Crochet Newborn Hat.

I just added another round of single crochets, just like she does in the video.

Crochet Baby Booties

Here is the pattern for the Parker Crochet Baby Booties.

I changed color from Round 7 on. I followed the pattern up until Round 12. Then, I added a round of single crochets.

The image made for Pinterest of the set designed by Sewrella and made by Susana from Fluffy Stitches

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